to make serving your community easy…

…As it should be! We have spent months painstakingly fine tuning the process and have collaborated with many bright minds to provide you with a platform that is enjoyable to use and is easy to navigate. We kept the user experience simple by splitting our users into two main groups. This is How It Will Work:

Serving Organizations

You are the organizations such as Non-Profits, Schools, EMT, Police and Fire Departments that serve our communities each and every day. You know of the “real” needs in real time and provide some vetting as to the legitimacy of the needs through your direct contact. Using ServeHive will be as simple as 4 Simple Steps:

STEP 1Create an Account
- Quick and easy to do online and a ServeHive staff member will call to welcome you to the Hive

STEP 2:  Post a Need for Your Organization or Your Client.
- The need could be for Volunteers or for a specific tangible need.

STEP 3:  Choose Who Can View Your Need.
- You have the choice to make the need public to all ServeHive users or limited to your organizations’ shareable private page.

STEP 4:  Sit back and Let ServeHive Handle the Rest
- Our automated systems will auto close requests that have been met, provide you with email alerts, and give you access to great reports for your ServeHive account stats.

Givers and Giving Organizations

You are the givers and organizations that have a desire to impact your community. You could be an individual, family, club, church, company or anyone that wants to part of the solution. There are 4 Simple Steps to use ServeHive:

STEP 1Browse the Needs in Your Community.
- You can filter by location, type of need, category of receiver (such as veterans, elderly, homeless) and more!

STEP 2: Creating an Account
- Quick and easy, provides the ability to earn rewards, track your participation, and favorite organizations.

STEP 3:  Serve
- Respond to the specific needs you feel passionate about.
- Volunteers will be provided with key details to ensure your time is well invested.
- Direct tangible needs will be able to be purchased and sent directly to the Serving Organization.

STEP 4:  Celebrate!
- Celebrate your impact by sharing and inspiring others to do the same. After all.. we are a Hive!

Sounds AWESOME doesn’t it! Take the next step and…