ServeHive Update- July 16th, 2019

Oh my word!

We can barely contain ourselves every time we get the honor of engaging with organizations to show them how our platform will look, feel and work! We are just weeks…yes weeks away from launch and I’m gettin-giddy-wit-it! (sorry about that one)

We have been working closely with our developers fine tuning and challenging every step to be sure to have a platform that will be so easy to use even that caveman from Geico can use it. But also while making it simple we are being sure that it is powerful to make a difference.

All I can dream about is how exciting it is to work tightly with organizations that have volunteers needs and to spend effort connecting the communities of volunteers that want to help. What can be better than that!

Imagine a day when when volunteers are so engaged that there is a shift of power from government dependency to communities caring for each other. Image the day that millions of people can fight back depression and feeling isolated by volunteering and helping someone in less than 3 clicks! Imagine the day that hearts are changed by seeing and being part of strangers caring about strangers.

It’s a dream, but it’s one worth having.

In just a couple weeks you will start to see posts giving you an opportunity to create your own FREE volunteer account to see, sign up for and share the serving opportunities in your area. It will be a process as local organizations start listing their needs on our platform but they will be thrilled as they do to find you there waiting for them.

You will also start to see posts offering organizations the opportunity to get their account set up and start listing their needs. Please share them with any of the local organizations that you are part of so that we can have the privilege of serving them. As we swarm our communities the “Hive” of volunteer needs will grow and change can start to happen.

We love you all and look forward with great anticipation to serving alongside you!