How to Engage with Volunteers? ServeHive!

We have launched!!

So exciting to say those words. After months upon months of fine tuning, building, testing, changing, etc we have now launched into our soft open!

The ServeHive platform is now open and available for use. Currently you will see many “example” posts so you can see different ideas of it’s use. Also we have created a group of tutorial videos which can be found in the Resources link in the footer.

So the big question for many working with volunteers is..

How to Engage with Volunteers?

There are many things an organization can do to move forward but to start you can make your volunteer opportunities more visible, engaging and easily joined. For many you can relate to the volunteer experience of knowing there is a need but yet not having information available of what the specific needs are. Usually you need to contact someone, who then either passes your information along or needs to get back to you. Then when you do hear back the specific times and dates are somewhat cloudy.

The mission if ServeHive is to make this process much simpler. In a time when we all want specific information at our fingertips why not provide it? Yes it’s a new way of doing things which can be a bit scary to try but when the risk is so low there is no reason to not. The WIN is so big that we must push forward.

Your role if you are in charge of volunteer engagement is HUGE! You not only help fill the needs of your organization that is serving your community, but you also provide opportunities for volunteers to have heart healing experiences putting others before themselves.

YOU are a HERO to your Community!

We look forward to engaging with you and assisting you in saving your number one limited resource, TIME. Meanwhile providing a much more engaging experience for you volunteers.

We appreciate you!