You serve your communities each and every day and we at ServeHive want to help you in your mission! We will provide you with:

  • A platform that is easy for you to navigate and simple to post and manage your volunteer opportunities.

  • A platform that is easy for volunteers to navigate and simple to find and sign up for opportunities posted by organizations.

  • The ability for your organization to be “followed” by volunteers in your community that agree with your mission. They are then notified of any new opportunities that you post.

  • Very simple communications between volunteers and your organization using messaging built within the platform and connected through email/text notifications. Have a detail to change about your event? Notify all your volunteers with a few simple clicks.

  • The ability to have your opportunities visible to the entire ServeHive community or to make them only available to your invited volunteer group.

  • If you are an organization that doesn’t need volunteers but wants to promote volunteering to your members, you can curate recommended organizations and/or opportunities to your Organization’s profile and then promote to your audience.

    Just think of all the time you’ll save!

And we have kept it super affordable at just $250 per year

That’s $5 per week!

4 Simple Steps:

STEP 1:  Create an account Here

  • A ServeHive staff member will review and confirm your organization information and then email your invite link and temporary password so you can log in and set your Organizations Profile details.

  • During this process you can even upload your existing volunteers and invite them to join the Hive.

  • Your account is now live and visible for the community to find and follow you.

STEP 2:  Post the Volunteer Opportunities for Your Organization

  • An opportunity can be an event with a specific time and place OR it could be a project or skill need. Enter the details and POST!

  • Choose whether to make the post visible to all ServeHive users or private for your audience only.

  • Decide if volunteers can sign up with a simple click or if you need to approve before the volunteer is accepted (in the case of background checks, etc.).

STEP 3:  Promote Your Branded ServeHive Profile

  • In your profile, you will be able to set your personalized ServeHive URL such as

  • Instead of searching for a way to let people know of each opportunity individually, share ONE link for all your needs!

  • You can ALSO follow other Organizations or Volunteer events to curate your own “recommended” list for your audience!

  • The ServeHive platform allows you to promote your needs to the community without filing your social feeds with constant asks. Now use your socials for posting WINS with a simple link to your ServeHive profile.

STEP 4:  Let ServeHive Handle the Rest

  • Our automated systems will keep track of volunteer signups, provide you with alerts and messaging with your volunteers, give you great exposure in your community and a Dashboard to keep track of it all!

  • Keep in touch with your volunteers by responding to their questions and keep them informed of any updates by using the built in “New Announcement” section on each Opportunity Profile page.

  • Get ready for a great event and make it a great experience for Volunteers so they want to keep coming back!


Be sure to check out the How to video library to learn all the great features available to you