Our Dream is to Connect Volunteers and Donors with the Specific Needs in their Communities


Our Mission

To provide a trusted, organized and fun environment for those looking to make a difference in their communities through volunteering or giving.  To also provide a platform for organizations to aid in the tracking of their needs as well as the needs for their clients.

We simply want to connect the organizations who have the awareness of individual community needs with those who have a desire to give hope thru making a social impact.
— Freedom Kongvold, Co-Founder

What WE hope to Achieve

  • Create a community of people who want to reach their fullest potential by serving others.

  • Provide an easy, direct and timely way to be alerted to specific needs in your community.

  • Allow individuals and organizations to “adopt” support organizations to fill specific needs instead of blind donations.

  • Provide hope to those in need and reward those who are sacrificial in giving.

  • Provide support organizations an easy way to track and communicate their own needs, and the needs of the people they serve.

  • Remove the mystery of what our communities need and how we can get involved.